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Ruben's House of Classics

Automotive Restoration

About Us

Welcome to Ruben’s House of Classics, your one-stop shop for automotive restoration. We are here to help customize your needs and goals so that you leave with your dream classic.

Ruben’s House of Classics was established in 2011. RHOC prides itself on restoring our vehicles “in-house”. We have our own body shop, woodworking shop as well as a metal fabrication assembly and disassembly area. We are known for laying out classics that sit so low to the ground you cannot see beneath them. We strive to make our customers’ dreams come true whether it be a classic, hot rod, muscle car, or lowrider by paying close attention to detail and assuring each vehicle is well built. RHOC turns dreams into reality with one build at a time.

Wichita Falls, Tx Downtown area is where we are located. Come visit and schedule a tour of our shop!

Before & After

Ruben Rodriguez - Owner

Dallas Tx is my hometown where I grew up.

Being a sibling of 8 kids I had to learn a lot on my own, nothing was given to me. If I wanted anything I worked hard to learn and earn it.

At a young age I started working on cars everyday. My motto was “Don’t Dream It, Build It!” My first car was a 1983 Buick Riveria that was made into a convertible. It quickly became a hobby of mine.

I relocated to Wichita Falls in 2011 with my wife Debbie to be closer to her family. I looked at the move as a new beginning to something big in life. I knew that I loved to work on classic cars over the years so this inspired me to open up Ruben’s House of Classics. Here we are 11 years later and this dream of mine is now a successful reality.

Ruben’s House of Classics has not only made customers dreams come true but has also proudly given back to the community of Wichita Falls, Tx.